October 1, 2023

RAP AJAX 10 September 1980, who will blame?

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The school is the most important stage in your life. Helps you feel comfortable What will happen if the innocent is taken to a scary and killed place?

This illustration shows the details of RIP AJAX on September 10, 1980. This is another example that has just been discovered:

AJAX 10 September 1980, termination of high school

Hadri of Prussia AJAX, as friends call him, is one of the most beautiful and best men in his era.

He is sitting in the hall with friends. When a man pretended to shoot him The victim doesn’t say anything. But noticed the bleeding from his mouth

They say that it was an accident, but Tanya Brown is 17 years old.

Why is Lyceum being canceled?

After that, Ajax was dead. Causing conflicts within the counter. In addition, according to news sources, the number of students began to decrease And experts closed the institution in 2013

Spinner’s student shot is Adrian Precia.

Spring Gerring killed a 16 -year -old student brutally in 2022, 58 -year -old Edrian, committed suicide since being a teenager.

This is the result of trying to break all the rules. As the school said It is a gun that can put in school bags. And no matter how much he fights It was not able to save his life. And he was injured

This event was reported by neighbors. Ajax’s death is not a surprise in his life. He walked along the street with the robbers and the able -bodied men without fear of anything.

Who will blame?

In this topic, we know that Michael Joseph Pratt is guilty of killing AJAX Pratt, 18 years old. When the incident occurred in 1980, 10 September 1980, the source of AJAX representatives do not know the production history.

Where is the AJAX advice?

Michael Josef Pratap was accused of murdering Headian of Prussia. This man was arrested at the age of 18 and was treated as an adult.

Another 17 -year -old child was charged with possession of a firearm with a license.

The incident in the 1980s was forgotten and today the defendant disappeared. It is impossible to control the progress of the job.

Student reactions and reputation

Many colleagues and organizations spoke after this horrible event in other sources. Tanya Brown, a student who spinning the thread failed. And during the incident there was no information about murder

The director of the institute later said that the previous incident was a problem that was indistinguishable. 2 of you are looking for answers why Spinning High School is closed?

Latest connection events

On February 15, 2022, AJAX PAY’s news appeared online, 14 -year -old students killed an 18 -year -old classmate.

The incident at the high school shocked the students. However, the name Skalog has not appeared on the internet. As a result, they talk about shooting from AJAX because this is the current situation in the world.


This post from September 10, 1980, described the link Pi AJAX. The incident occurred at Spinning High school. Now it has been sealed.

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